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Packing and Unpacking

Residential Packing and Unpacking Services Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C.

Getting the packing done right is a major part of getting your moving done right. Packing properly is one of the most important aspects of the entire process that often gets overlooked. Proper efficient packing can take a significant amount of stress out of your moving, Our moving professionals are trained to provide outstanding packing services, which can eliminate any anxiety you may be experiencing for your upcoming move.

We Personalize Your Packing Needs

When you choose Charming Movers for your moving and packing needs, you will have a dedicated team of professionals to work with you to organize your packing needs. Our professionally trained moving crew has extensive packing training, which ensures your possessions are safe and secure during the entire process.

We offer hourly rates for packing based on necessary crew size, we recommend packers come at least one day before moving date to ensure that all packing is done properly and to ensure the move is as efficient as possible .

Let our professional moving team do all the work for you!


We take every pre-caution to make sure that your belongings are well protected, secured and delivered safely.

• All art, Tv's and mirrors are either wrapped in costume made picture box or brown paper 
• China and glass wear will be individual wrapped in paper and placed in double walled china barrel box
• All dresser drawers will be emptied and placed in boxes the same way they were found in drawers (as much as possible)
• Courteous and quality trained personnel.
• Lamp bases and shades will be wrapped and protected
• closets and under beds packed and organized 
• garages shed and more will be consolidated and wrapped for easy transport

* Crating is also a service we offer for necessary items

* Please note that Charming movers and other professional moving companies cannot insure boxes packed by costumer in light of this we are happy to give packing tutorials to any costumer who does not have the budget to receive professional packing services. We provide tutorials via face-time and zoom.


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