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Commercial Movers

Commercial Movers MD, DC, and VA

We offer a wide range of solutions for specific needs to our corporate customers during their commercial move. We also have warehouse space that can be used for temporarily storing equipment and files while preparing a commercial move. We move offices with comprehensive services that will ensure we can provide your business with a customized solution to any challenge your business faces.

Our Commercial Moving Services Cover The Entire DC Metropolitan Area


We're The Moving Experts

We offer a wide range of services to relocate your business while catering to your specific needs. You will be assigned a Quality Assurance Representative who will work with you throughout every stage of your office relocation, from the initial moving estimate until your business is securely in your new location. Our highly trained commercial movers collaborate with your Quality Assurance Representative to ensure that every detail goes according to plan. As business movers, we transport filing cabinets, desks, modular and systems office furniture, computer systems and much more. In addition to packing, crating, unpacking and debris removal, Charming Movers can also upon request install and reconfigure modular systems office furniture as part of an office move, if needed.


We come prepared with the right staff and the right equipment. Your move is completely planned out prior to moving day; from special dollies and cartons to disassembly and reassembly of oversized office furniture.

We are one company that can accommodate your needs. You can feel confident that your move is being performed by professionals. Anything that we take apart for the safety of the move will be reassembled at your new location.

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