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About Us

Moving And Storage Company Rockville

You move every 20 years…we move people everyday!

Let our years of experience make your move hassle-free…

We are a company that is woman-owned and operated we pride ourselves on making your move as “hassle-free as possible." Let our years of experience make your move hassle-free. Moving so many families every year has prepared us for meeting virtually any moving challenge. When you hire Charming Movers, you are assured a wide range of support and services. Your worldly possessions are important to us too. We pack everything with absolute care and attention. Sculpture, artwork, grandfather clocks, heirlooms, china and glassware — no matter how fragile and special, we take care of it. The key to a successful move is quality packing done by professionals who are truly committed to doing a great job for our customers.

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Our History

Our company was founded by a woman who fell victim to the moving companies. “Bait and Switch” also known as price gouging. “The price started at $700 and ended up at almost $1600. I felt so helpless, standing there, recently widowed, with a set of young twins at my side… all I could do, was pay”. I am proud to say this is something Charming Movers clients will never go through.

Our Personal Service

Our personal service includes the special attention of your very own Quality Assurance Representative. Your representative will help you with all your moving needs, from special packing or handling issues to questions about scheduling and delivery.


Everthing is Planned & Coordinated

We coordinate, plan and organize your move completely. We plan your move carefully to keep everything on-track and organized. We handle local and long distance services for residential, commercial and military customers. Our trucks are fully equipped with specialized crating systems.

In addition, we are:

  • Fully insured

  • Military and GSA-approved

  • Licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT)


You can feel confident that “your life… your memories" are being handled with the utmost care by professionals, who are as concerned as you are about your possessions.

Packing makes you nervous?

Our professionals know the proper way to pack your possessions. Want us to help unpack and remove boxes at your new destination? Would you like us to lay rugs and heavy furnishings at your new destination? Think about the things you don’t want to do and let us know. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your move more pleasant.

Professional Equipment for the Job

Charming Movers has all of the necessary state of the art equipment and professional man power to properly move your piano and any other large heavy items.


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